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Healing Herbs
in a Cup

Welcome to Herbal Cup Tea!


Herbal Tea strives to provide the best blends of Herbal Teas made from Spices and Medicinal Herbs based upon the principles of Ayurveda. (A science used in India for thousands of years to bring a balanced state of Optimum health and well being)

Herbal Tea also brings back the traditions of many cultures throughout the world. Using what Nature provides in a natural state in the way of Herbs, Spices, Flowers, Fruits and other Natural products. These are used to refresh, rejuvenate, heal and live life in balance with Nature and its surroundings.


Since the beginning of time, every culture has had a brew of some sort made from herbs, spices, flowers or fruit. This was loosely called 'Tea'. It was a custom to serve this tea to visitors, family, friends or even strangers who were passing through, as a gesture of welcome, friendliness, or wellness. Some cultures had tea rituals to honor the benefits of certain herbs or plants. Each culture or region had its own distinctive blend or brews and the tea was respectfully served in special healing cup. These herbal cups of tea were believed to have healing or curative powers.

We wish you a wonderful discovery of Herbal Cup Teas.

Enjoy healing herbs in a cup!

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