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Brewing Directions


Use freshly boiled hot water. For maximum benefit leave tea bag in cup, gently squeeze to release any remaining extract. Enjoy this tea as warm as possible. Add honey or sweetener if needed.

Chamomile Turmeric Ginger

  • Organic Chamomile is an ancient medicinal herb used by many cultures for centuries, due to it's numerous health benefits. Enjoyed especially at night time to wind down. It is delicious and comforting. Small and daisy-like, they are packed with nutrients for health and well being.*

    This tea is blended with Chamomile flowers, Turmeric root and Ginger root. Enjoy this tea warm with sweetener if needed.

    Echinacea Lemon Ginger makes the perfect Summer iced tea.

Certified Organic: Premium Matcha, Black, Green & Herbal teas.
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Brewing instructions for Herbal Tea varieties.

*Does not apply to Matcha powders.

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